DUAL Dental Clinic

DUAL Dental Clinic introduces a new concept of treatment in the field of aesthetic dentistry and implant prosthetics

Dual means double, parity – this word perfectly describes the revolutionary vision of treatment at the DUAL Dental clinic: a set of clinical procedures and a laboratory ones, a perfect collaboration between dentist and ceramics, a perfect balance between digital technology and classic handmade technique, uncompromising in regaining smile while maintaining their proper function.

IndiviDUAL approach

DUAL Dental Clinic was created for prosthetic and implant patients who are looking for the best specialist care and expect the most modern solutions that are distinguished by its aesthetics and durability.

From the first thought about the clinic, the goal was to create a place that would balance the power of the clinic and laboratory, and thanks to this, it was distinguished by the highest standard of performed procedures and the desire to regain the beauty of a smile without technological and material compromises.

The DUAL Dental Clinic is a new generation of dentistry. It is a unique substantive base in the form of team knowledge and skills as well as a revolutionary technological machine park.

A clinic with a full professional dental laboratory.

What distinguishes Dual Dental Clinic from other dental clinics is the innovative treatment conditions that provide patients with completely new experience. Specialists from many fields of dentistry meet in one place: dentists and dental technicians – the clinic offers the highest standard of prosthetic service, which is an onsite dental laboratory.

Knowledge of every person in the team and close doctor-technician cooperation that has been active for many years ensure perfect handling of a prosthetic and implant prosthetic patient.


“All treatments at DUAL Dental Clinic are performed based on the latest technological developments in the world. Technology and digitalization are used to make the most of our knowledge. “

DUAL Dental Clinic is a future-oriented and modern digital dentistry. Clinic is equipped with the latest digital technology. It is the hi-end technological achievements that allow doctors and technicians to fully use their knowledge.

Specialized devices and software are an invaluable help, allow dentists to perform the most complex procedures with an extreme accuracy. Here, at DUAL Dental Clinic patients can expect the highest level of technical equipment that has been uncompromisingly selected and tested.


The treatment is gentle, long-lasting and of the highest quality.

„We are proud that our innovative treatment system at the DUAL Dental Clinic has been recognized by the EU Funds Commission and received support from it as one of the best development projects in medical industry. Our clinic and laboratory are currently one of the best technologically equipped facilities in Poland”.