The advantage of implant prosthetic treatment at DUAL Dental Clinic lies in advanced technology, the experience of surgeons and the excellence of the materials used.

Thanks to the use of one of the most advanced implantological systems in the world – Straumann, Dual Dental Clinic performs all implant-prosthetic restorations, from a single missing tooth to full reconstruction on implants. This system offers surgeons a full protocol for all clinical conditions.

The onsite Dual Lab, in close cooperation with the clinic’s surgeons, designs individual prosthetic abutments for patients – this is extremely important because a properly designed abutment has a direct impact on the aesthetic effect of the restoration. In Dual Dental Clinic, the usual standard abutments are not used, which in most cases is not a good enough solution. In the Dual Lab laboratory, each connector is individually designed based on a digital final design. This means that there are no two identical connectors in the world and the work is 100% tailored to the patient.