The core of the clinic is built by a team of specialists in prosthetics and implantology, who have hundreds of dental works done together. Team is perfectly coordinated and share the extraordinary passion for the dental profession, which they express through their great commitment to work on each patient.


Knowledge and experience in their field of dentistry make the Dual Dental Clinic an unique place.

Dr Adrian Kiepuszewski

His field of expertise is dental surgery, implant prosthetics and cosmetic dentistry.

He builds his practice around the most difficult clinical cases. He is a graduate of the Medical University of Gdańsk. After studies, he worked as an assistant at the Department of Developmental Dentistry of Gdańsk Alma Mater. He was an academic teacher and conducted practical classes with students.

He started his medical practice as an endodontist, he gained vast experience and trust of patients in this field. Precision and patience in the way he works, combined with a deep knowledge of endodontics, enabled him to naturally develop into the field of implant prosthetics. He gained his implantological knowledge from the best Polish and foreign surgeons. He participated in trainings and special sessions, among others with Pascal Magne, Domingo Martin or John Kois – absolute authorities in the world of dentistry. Assisted in the most complex implantological procedures. For several years, she has been performing dental surgery and implant prosthetics, performing full-arch occlusal reconstructions based on complex treatment plans. He is a doctor whose experience and knowledge are used by various clinics in Poland to guide their most difficult implant prosthetic cases. To this day, he also deals with the most complex endodontic treatment. He leads the patient holistically, in cooperation with an orthodontist, periodontist and dental technician.

Focused and confident in his work, he gained great trust of implant prosthetic patients who come to him for treatment from all over Poland as well as from abroad. In his work, he focuses on analyzing occlusions, so that reconstructions are fully planned and the risk of complications is minimized.

Dr Kiepuszewski is on top of the results of the latest scientific research and news from the world of digital dentistry. He applies in his practise an innovative smile design based on a digital 3D image of the patient’s face. A supporting member of the Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, he made hundreds of smile transforamtions his sense of aesthetics and eye to details can be seen in every veneer case he makes.

Wanting to create a team to offer patients the most modern world of digital dentistry  he invited exceptionally talented and ambitious people to cooperate with him in DUAL Dental Clinic.


Dr Olga Iluk

She graduated with distinction from Medical University of Gdańsk. In 2014, with the highest score in Poland, she passed the State Specialized Exam and obtained the title of specialist in periodontics. She worked at the Periodontal and Mucous Disease Clinic of the University Dental Center of the Medical University of Gdansk, where she conducted hundreds of treatments under the guidance of experienced academic teachers and gained vast experience. Dr Illuk is a specialist in a narrow and precise field: her skills are appreciated by various clinics in the country, where she treats the most difficult cases of periodontal disease and prepares tissues for implant prosthetic procedures. She is a specialist in minimally invasive periodontal and aesthetic procedures performed among others to correct the gum line before the veneering process. Dr Illuk is currently training in orthodontics.


Dr Aleksandra Ryszkowska


She graduated from Medical University of Gdańsk. She has been working in the filed of aesthetic medicine since 2008. She is constantly expanding her theoretical and practical knowledge by participating in numerous trainings and symposia in the field of aesthetic medicine and anti-aging. Manually gifted doctor, has photographic memory and an excellent sense of subtle beauty. The effects of dr Ryszkowska’s work are always delicate, natural and never exaggerated. She believes that the secret to beneficial changes are procedures that only emphasize the natural features of the face. Beauty is healthy, radiant skin and, above all, a sense of a complete acceptance of your own body.


Dr Ewelina Antoszewska, PhD

International patient’s coordinator

A graduate of the Medical University of Gdańsk, she obtained a PhD in medical science in the field of human genetics. For over five years she conducted scientific research on the human genome, as well as practical classes and lectures for medical students from English Division department. Her innate empathy and willingness to work with people directed her professional path to work with dental patients. For several years she has been a coordinator of the dental treatment of foreign patients. Having theoretical knowledge in the field of dental procedures and using fluent English is the link between foreign patients and dentists, answers all questions, helps explain the course of treatment and coordinates the patient’s stay in Gdansk.



Tech. dent. Krzysztof Antoszewski

A graduate of Medical University of Gdańsk in the field of Dental Techniques, Faculty of Dentistry. Ceramist with vocation. His work already at the practical entrance examination placed him first among the other candidates in this field. He started his professional career by working in one of the largest dental laboratories in Poland, but he quickly decided that only a boutique laboratory would provide him with how he imagines individual work with a patient. He was lucky to gain skills for several years by working alongside the masters of dental ceramisc in one of the best laboratories in the country. He broadened his knowledge in specialist courses and practical sessions. Years spent carrying out work for the most demanding doctors and patients shaped the sense of high aesthetics and nobility of the profession of dental technician.

His professional motivation is the desire to perfectly mimic nature by using ceramic. He is one of the few technicians in the country working in handmade multilayered technique, He makes his renowned ultra-thin veneers. Krzysztof Antoszewski skilfully combines advanced digital technology with traditional handicrafts. He is a specialist in full bite reconstructions and highly esthetic occlusion reconstruction works. Every dental work that comes out of his hand is fully individualized, functional, natural.

He has been running his own proprietary studio for 12 years. His characteristic style of work has been recognized by many eminent doctors in Poland, and his aesthetic and implant prosthetic restorations are presented as demonstrations at trainings and courses for dentists.


DUAL Dental Clinic team is additionally complemented by specialists from various fields of dentistry, hygienists and dental assistants as well as dental technicians. Everyone who builds Dual Dental Clinic & Lab shares the view on modern dentistry, its development towards digitization and work with advanced technology.