Basic dental treatment and periodontology

Full-profile dental care at DUAL Dental Clinic


– Prevention

– oral hygiene

– Treatment of carious


The treatment is carried out using strictly selected materials for restorations and as well as using modern digital technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. This has a direct impact on the effect of the treatment (e.g. hygienization) and the duration of the restoration.

Periodontology at DUAL Dental is the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases, commonly known as periodontitis.

Treatments performed by a specialist periodontist, dr. Olga Iluk, recognized among many patients.

Periodontology focuses on diseases of the gums, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone. The tools, perfectly matched to the shape of the tooth, clean the undegum surfaces perfectly.  Diseases of these structures are the most common cause of premature tooth loss and ailments such as:

• Bleeding gums • Exposing the roots (exposing the necks of the teeth) • Swelling of the gums • Pain in the gums • Loosening of the teeth Healthy gums never bleed.

Periodontal disease has many causes, including: Local: • Bacterial plaque • Incorrect fillings, such as overhangs • Old, compressive dentures • Leaking crowns and bridges • Clenching and grinding of teeth General: • Smoking tobacco • Stress • Diabetes • Vitamin deficiencies • Hormonal disorders • Incorrect nutrition.

 The treatment of periodontal diseases at the DUAL Dental clinic consists of three phases:

Phase I Hygienization – professional cleansing of tartar with learning about oral hygiene. The aim is to increase the patient’s awareness of the disease and mobilize to cooperate in further stages of treatment.

Proper phase II – is the cleaning of the subgingival surfaces called closed curettage, root planning, deep cleaning.

Phase III Sustaining – “recall” is a system of control visits to monitor and maintain the achieved treatment effects. Every plan is determined individually. Every 4-6 months, bleeding and the condition of the gums are checked, every 6-12 months for the depth of the gingival pockets, occlusal conditions and cavities, and radiological checks every 2-3 years.

As the patient’s needs, the clinic uses surgical treatment methods: Surgical treatment (flap treatments, regenerative treatments, root amputation, hemisection), Treatment of mucogingival disorders (frenuloplasty, recession treatment, vestibular deepening, widening of the associated gum zone), Pre-prosthetic treatment (crown lengthening, gum smile correction).