Doctors at DUAL Dental Clinic are experienced in leading prosthetic patients, they apply the latest work techniques, plan restorations with a special focus on occlusion and improve the aesthetics of the patient’s face.


They plan their work with a digital face scan file. Virtual Patient and intraoral scan replacing traditional impressions. In DUAL Dental Clinic, digital analysis knows no boundaries: the scan produces various prosthetic solutions such as temporary and final restorations, models, surgical templates, orthodontic splints, disposable aligners, etc.


DUAL Dental Clinic offers patients prosthetic work created in its own clinical laboratory. The DUAL Lab is one of the best equipped and modern digital dental laboratories in the country, It has performed dental work for the most demanding and prestigious dental clinics for over 10 years and is responsible for spectacular smile transformations. The distinguishing feature of DUAL Dental Clinic logo is well-planned, tailor-made dental work. DUAL Dental prosthetics is a perfect combination of digitization with classic handmade – the clinic’s philosophy is to use digital technology but also to honor traditional handicrafts.

“Prosthetics is our main specialization”