Technology and innovations

From the beginning of their activity, DUAL Dental Clinic team has introduced a vision unreachable for other clinics: uncompromising work at the latest knowledge using the best materials and equipment in the world.

Perfectly restored teeth are durable and natural in finish, thanks to the material used. Materials used for work in DUAL Clinic & Lab are selected without any price restrictions – treatment must be carried out according to the latest knowledge and using excellent materials. They must meet the highest quality standards, be certified and offer long-term guarantees.

There are no shortcuts at the clinic. The technology here is the products of the leaders of the world producers of medical devices. DUAL Dental Clinic’s laboratory is equipped with a full CAD/CAM technology park and 3D printing, it ranks among the leaders of the digital transformation in dentistry and orthodontics in Poland. It exceeds the next limits of innovation.

“We use only the best materials for prosthetic work. This guarantees the durability of our additions. However, endurance is not everything – beauty and comfort of use are equally important. There is one rule in the clinic and laboratory: every job must meet all three criteria in order to serve the patient throughout their life. The materials used are described in detail in the implantological certificates and passports, which we hand to patients for any prosthetic work. “

Danish XO FLEX units

DUAL Dental Clinic is equipped with a real diamond among the units – the units of the Danish company XO, which have been configured for the clinic in the highest version available. These units are an excellent example of uncompromising nature in the technological choices of DUAL Dental Clinic.

XO FLEX dental units protect the patient against cross-infection (one of the elements of preventing COVID19 infection) – they are managed without using hands, so that the infections are not transferred to the parts of the unit. Any object touched by a dentist or assistant is autoclaved. In addition, all metal parts are covered with an innovative anti-bacterial coating.

Both the chair structure and the memory foam upholstery are the essence of Danish design and the absolute definition of comfort that every patient appreciates.

XO treatment is extremely efficient and saves patient time. The dentist manages all the functions of the unit with a foot control, thanks to which he can fully concentrate on the procedure in the patient’s mouth. The dentist does not have to look away to change the instrument, because the centrally located console means that the instruments are always within reach.

Computed tomography

The more accurate the diagnosis, the more complete the diagnosis. DUAL Dental Clinic has a modern digital computer tomograph RAYSCAN α +. This is a new era of 2D and 3D digital imaging with extremely low radiation dose for patient safety at very high quality images: this is the first device on the market that has the ability to take a tomographic image, the dose of which is comparable to the dose with traditional panoramic projection (the so-called quick scan). The radiation dose generated by this device is about 20 times lower compared to spiral tomography. The absorbed radiation during the tomographic scan of the entire jaw corresponds to a 5-hour flight, which is small. In addition, the tomograph at DUAL Dental Clinic is characterized by one of the shortest exposure times of X-ray machines available in the market: thanks to digital technology, the time to obtain a photo does not exceed 14 seconds.

Tomographic examination obtains the spatial model of the patient’s tissues and enables very accurate analysis, correct diagnosis and detailed surgery. CT images taken on other devices have never been sharper, and the choice of imaging field more flexible. The camera, thanks to its unique technology, allows to visualize every single detail, precisely record the anatomical conditions of the jaw, lower jaw and teeth. Dental implants can be carefully planned and simulated in advance. Thanks to computer-assisted navigational implantology, dental implants at DUAL Dental Clinic, are painlessly and precisely placed, thus creating a functional and stable basis for prosthetic work. With a CBCT tomography the team can correctly diagnose difficult cases, avoid surprises and plan surgery properly.

Importantly, DUAL Dental Clinic team does not use chemical reagents to develop photos – the clinic works as ecologically as possible.


Leica microscope is an excellent showcase of DUAL Dental Clinic choices. It has been uncompromisingly chosen among many cheaper manufacturers, because its precise action has a direct impact on the quality of treatment. The device has a built-in Full HD camera that records the treatment process in HD quality. The microscope at DUAL Dental Clinic is used for all endodontic, surgical and prosthetic procedures.

The image says more than a thousand words – thanks to the function of recording and reproducing the image from the procedure, the patient is actively included in the consultation and treatment process.

Straumann centrifuge for PRF

In surgical, periodontological and implantological treatment, the modern D-DF wound saturation technique using the Straumann centrifuge is used at the DUAL Dental clinic. This technique involves obtaining platelet rich fibrin from the patient’s blood, which, due to the rich content of collagen, elastin and platelet growth factors, significantly accelerates the process of tissue healing giving the best results in reducing edema, vascularization and regeneration. The wound is secured, sealed, swelling maximally reduced. Healing occurs after only three days.

DUAL Dental Clinic also offers treatments in aesthetic medicine using platelet-rich plasma contributing to skin revitalization to delay the aging process.

Intraoral scanner

The DUAL Dental Clinic follows the technology of the future and introduces innovations such as an intraoral scanner to everyday practice to improve dental procedures and guarantee the success of a treatment.
Replacing manual impressions with an intraoral scanner allows a dentist to obtain precise digital 3D images of the patient’s prosthetic field, which are then used to create a patient’s treatment plan and make restorations in the laboratory.
Thanks to this, the doctor frees himself from an error inherent in human nature. The computer model of teeth is directly sent to the DUAL Lab. A scanner shortens and perfects the doctor’s work, completely eliminates patient re-visits to the office to improve impressions, contributing to error-free prosthetic treatment.

What is extremely important, using the scanner instead of traditional impressions is an effective method of prevention against the spread of viruses (e.g. coronavirus) and bacteria.

Intraoral camera

Using detailed photos taken with intraoral cameras, dentists at Dual Dental Clinic are able to show the patient their oral situation in detail. Patients are fully and thoroughly informed about their individual situation and actively involved in consultation and treatment planning.

CAD/CAM – scanner and laboratory milling machines

The DUAL laboratory has a full CAD/CAM system with two Zirkonzahn milling machines – technological equipment at the level of a large milling center. It is thanks to such powerful technical facilities that the DUAL clinic performs the most complex reconstructions in its own laboratory.

Zirkonzahn devices are designed for the most demanding and experienced dental technicians and for laboratories wanting to offer high quality. It is the most accurate equipment that dental laboratories can be equipped with, allowing operators to perform any type of work with watchmaking precision, transforming any 3D project into a real and extremely folded product.

An important distinction is the fact that the laboratory received authorization from the Zirkonzahn company, which means that the laboratory was on the list of recommended laboratories in Poland.

Więcej informacji

3D printer Digital impressions – 3D printer Rapidshape D30

  DUAL laboratory works in the digital workflow trend: it uses 3D printing technology. A patient’s teeth image is taken by using an intraoral scanner, and then the teeth model is printed in a RapidShape 3D printer. Unlike small popular office 3D printers, this printer model is able to print the smallest detail of the teeth, which translates directly into a higher quality of prosthetic work. This process is fully digitized, which protects patients and a team against cross-infections, e.g. with coronavirus.

The Rapidshape printer as one of the few on the market guarantees perfect passability of final restorations and has been consciously selected on the basis of months of testing by DUAL Lab technicians.

Digital anesthesia

At DUAL Dental Clinic, the most advanced anesthesia on the market, Quick Sleeper, is used for all treatments. It is truly a device of the 21st century. It is an electronic “pen” which, thanks to its operation and appearance not reminiscent of a syringe, gives greater comfort to patients. At the clinic, painful anesthesia is not performed with a syringe and a needle.

Anesthesia is painless and does not cause numbness of soft tissues, it is without the need for additional anesthesia from the lingual or palatal side, even during extraction. No post-operative side effects (periodontal irritation, necrosis). Anesthesia is less stressful for the patient, there is no pain and fear. The patient has full facial expressions, freedom of movement, and undisturbed speech.

Patients anesthetized with this device cannot imagine returning to the “old” method of anesthesia.

This solution is very much appreciated by patients who are afraid of pain and needles (dentophobia) and therefore avoid visiting the dentist. It often allows these patients to make a decision to start the expected and needed treatment.

Surgical knife

A device used to perform procedures such as gummy smile correction, frenulum plastic surgery, removal of the gum hood at the eights, removal of pulp polyps, removal of fibrous hypertrophy, small nodules and mucosal lesions, exposure – for orthodontic indications – of non-dented teeth, inhibition of bleeding (hemostasis), tissue coagulation after the exposure of teeth, as well as stopping the bleeding that occurs.

Dental software

DUAL Dental goes with the digital dentistry of the future.

What distinguishes the DUAL Dental Clinic from the majority of offices is the clinic team that perfectly uses modern digital language, is passionate about modern technology and eagerly uses all the innovations that are still a barrier to the world of digitization for many doctor-technician teams. To efficiently use everything that digital dentistry offers, one needs to meet many conditions at the same time: have the right office and laboratory equipment as well as skills to make full use of it. DUAL Dental Clinic has it all.
This is a closed workflow, each element is related to each other and does not function separately.

DUAL Dental was the first clinic in Poland to introduce Bellus3D digital face imaging software. This is a breakthrough in digital imaging of the patient’s face (more information in the Bellus3D tab).

Programs such as implantology modules, surgical templates, virtual articulators, modules for immediate temporary work (Eggshell Temporaries), for screw-on works and many others are tools of the future, thanks to which the treatment is planned and fully predictable, and the work of a dentist and technician in DUAL Dental Clinic has never been closer to the work of a programmist.

Each of the individual devices in the clinic and laboratory uses special software enabling virtual analysis, modeling and preparation of the project for milling or 3D printing. Modern imaging methods in combination with virtual design significantly improve communication between the doctor, patient and technician.

Zirconia – ZrO2 – zirconia as a perfect material

The Zirkonzahn zirconium used in the DUAL Dental Clinic for crowns, bridges or even complete reconstructions is the absolute top among zirconia in the world – it is the original, hardest and most durable zirconia on the market and is the only one that successfully lifts the stress of large reconstructions on implants without the risk of rupture. It is thanks to the work on the product exclusively from this manufacturer that DUAL Lab is able to perform dental restorations on zircons, without fear of cracking.

This zirconium comes from the Zirkonzahn zirconia factory, a pioneer in the production of the purest zirconia, and with its properties it surpasses zirconia from competing companies. Each DUAL Clinic patient receives a certificate of originality of the materials used.

A realistic face scan – a breakthrough in designing a new smile

Bellus 3D software

As the first clinic in Poland, DUAL Dental introduced Bellus3D software to aesthetic work protocols. A patient’s face is transferred directly to the computer, where it is combined with a dental scan. Work becomes fully predictable.

This is a breakthrough in digital dentistry, a real milestone to exclude any measurement errors obtained analogously. DUAL Dental Clinic was one of the first clinics in Poland to introduce patients the option of self-downloading dental scans using a special digital device sent to patients (option most often used for patients from outside Gdańsk or from abroad). This is the quintessence of digital treatment and progress that is happening in the world of dentistry.

DSD Digital Smile Design Protocol

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a comprehensive tool for planning dental treatment used to strengthen the diagnostic vision of treatment effects, improve communication and increase predictability at each stage of treatment.

The program gives a lot of possibilities but designers are always a dentist and dental technician and the final effect of the project depends on their sense of aesthetics. Each program operator has a vision for a given smile, which is why it is so important for the team to have experience and a “good eye” for details.

The treatment plan is based on the analysis of reference lines and the proportion of the face and teeth forming the so-called “Smile frame”. The DSD design stage is a key step to analyzing the aesthetic potential of dental treatment and fully extracts the beauty of a patient’s face.

The resulting mock’ups (try-ons for a new smile), photographs and video help practitioners understand the relationships in which mouth, teeth, gums, lips and the whole smile exist with the individual features of the face. A digitally designed smile illustrates every aesthetic issue, in effect the DSD process helps both patients and dentists.
For a specialist, the assessment of final effects thanks to DSD is also a value because already at the diagnostic and planning stage it shows precisely e.g. how deep the implant should be, or how much range of motion is needed using the overlays to apply the least invasive techniques to meet the patient’s aesthetic expectations. Dentistry is moving towards minimally invasive techniques, and precise treatment are currently very popular.

PHOTO studio

“Most of the photos used on the site come from our own photo studio and are the result of our passion for photography.”

The clinic is equipped with professional photographic and lighting equipment.

Pictures of the patient’s face are an invaluable help in prosthetic work and are used to analyze when the team begins work on a new smile. At DUAL Dental clinic, a smile is designed for the face, taking into account the pupil line, face shape, midline, etc. The tooth model alone, without a picture of the patient’s face, is not enough to achieve full aesthetic success. Thanks to full photographic documentation made in accordance with the proprietary protocol of DUAL Clinic, a patient is always “present” in DUAL Lab.

EMS – a device for teeth hygienization

At DUAL Dental Clinic, hygienization procedures are carried out using the latest ultrasonic EMS scaler with a working tip frequency of 25 ÷ 35 kHz, with the latest PIEZON No Pain electronics and a sandblaster. The device makes hygienic treatment pleasant, regardless of the vibration force used, the tip will not damage the enamel.

Qualified and experienced in working with various equipment, DUAL Dental operators rated this device as giving by far the best hygiene effects than using other devices of this type.

AIRFLOW® Plus sand removes biofilm, deposits and fresh supragingival and supragingival calculus. EMS PIEZON® NO PAIN with PS tips allows for minimally invasive scaling wherever necessary. In addition, the procedure is performed at a controlled temperature of irrigation.

Obtura B system for filling root canals

System B and Obtura are used to fill the canals in the clinic – the canals filled using this device are sealed. This solves the eternal problem of poorly closed canals and undermines the work of even the best specialists. The treatment is long-lasting and safe.

Ceramics used in DUAL Lab

CREATION porcelain by Willy Geller – in the hands of a skilled ceramist, it is an excellent material for creating teeth as close to nature as possible. The clinic’s flagship products – IndiviDUAL veneers – are made of it. It is extremely durable, has optical depth, color dynamics and adequate glassiness. Has been used by the greatest masters of dental technology in the world for over 30 years.

Lithium disilicate porcelain blocks e.max IPS Ivoclar Vivadent – translucent or completely impermeable light material is a perfect base for making crowns and veneers.

GC LiSi ceramics – feldspar ceramics intended for veneering works on the e.max foundation, offers excellent aesthetics, especially in the field of optical dynamics. Based on many independent opinions of top dental technicians from the world, this ceramics gives the best results of work on a foundation made of e.max material.