Knowledge, innovation and technology work together in Dual Dental Clinic to provide excellent dental care for the most demanding patients.


Full digitization means that we work with a Virtual Patient, and thus – we have full control over the effects of treatment.

Digitalization in dentistry: digital planning is predicting work results, hence the risk of complications is minimized.

Technological progress is constantly introducing new solutions in the field of prosthetics and implantology which are constantly integrated into the work protocols at  Dual Dental Clinic. From the digital method of taking a dentition image, planning the implant insertion path or designing a new restoration on the patient’s virtual face image, digital technology allows for fully controlled treatment. It also represents a new step to a holistic approach in dentistry.





Thanks to new technologies, a scan of the patient’s head in relation to the smile line is taken regardless of the possible asymmetry. The data is transferred 1: 1 in the appropriate position to the programs and is combined with the patient’s face – this is how a Virtual Patient is created (bite model in STL + CBCT facial skull + 3D face scan) at the DUAL Dental clinic. The acquired 3D image is used by dentists for wide diagnostic and surgical applications. The dentist’s work on new teeth has never been closer to the work of a programist. Restorations are 100% predictable and planned.

The image of a Virtual Patient is the answer to the challenges that dentists have been dealing with for many years. It was created to obtain and manage all patient information needed for digital diagnosis and treatments.

This planning integrates a cone beam tomograph, 3D face scanner and intraoral scanner creating a tool for making restorations even before the procedure begins.


The analysis of patient needs is a thorough study of the existing dentition situation using facial arches, articulators and digital bite diagnostics programs by a dentist-technician team. Together chewing patterns, jaw position, occlusal height are analyzed, and changes are planned to improve function and aesthetics. Thanks to such close daily cooperation with a dentist-technician, perfect “tailor-made” prosthetic solution can be planned. Such restorations, made according to innovative DUAL Dental Clinic procedures, guarantee not only the beauty of any prosthetic work, but above all – the function, comfort and outstanding durability.

GOAL: Planning a predictable surgery

After receiving the Virtual Patient, digital analysis knows no boundaries. It is possible to produce various prosthetic solutions such as temporary and final restorations, models, surgical templates, orthodontic splints, disposable aligners, etc.