Dual Dental is a clinic offering a full range of dental surgery. The clinic’s powerful technological and radiological base allows for digital navigated treatments. Implants are placed using individual implant splints, which is unfortunately still rare in most offices. Thanks to such procedures, patients can be sure that the implants in Dual Dental clinic are implanted correctly.

The clinic uses the Swiss implantology system Straumann, a leader on the global implantology market. These are implants with over 60 years of tradition, supported by scientific research, patents and many years of observation. As one of the few in the world they give patients a lifetime warranty.

This system has been consciously selected by Dual Dental Clinic from hundreds of much cheaper implant systems, as the perfect complement to the offer with the best quality that the clinic wants to offer patients, without compromises.


The differences between the implant systems determine the success of the treatment.

The great advantages of Straumann implants are:

– SLA – pioneering surface technology, reduces healing time by half

– SLActiv – surface technology reducing implant loss by 0.6%

– Roxolid – new ‘DNA’ of implant materials, specially designed for implantology applications. It is a breakthrough material stronger than pure titanium, it has great properties conducive to osteointervention.

– BLT – conical implant, excellent primary stabilization, fast osseointegration

– lifetime warranty

– individual implant passport

– unlimited implant prosthetic possibilities thanks to a wide range of prosthetic components.

– by using smaller implants and avoiding bone augmentation, treatment time can be reduced because it requires fewer steps.

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DUAL Dental Clinic offers a lifetime warranty on the implant.

 Specialists provide the patient with full after-surgery care. Thanks to this, the patient can feel safe, both during the procedure and after it. A patient who has an implantation procedure receives a valid implantological passport and implant certificate.


The PRF procedure is performed for implantation procedures. Thanks to the ingredients contained in the plasma collected from the patient, the procedure allows maximum reduction of edema and accelerates the postoperative recovery period. Healing occurs after only 3 days.