IndiviDUAL veneers

“The secret of a delightful smile is an infinite topic. The road to obtaining it is equally demanding and varied. “

In Dual Dental clinic, creating a new smile is a creative, artistic process that takes into account the aesthetic points of perception of the beauty of the teeth and individual elements of their morphology. It is the pursuit of mapping nature in its most beautiful form, which results in the patients’ sincere admiration for their new smile and the joy of a new life free from complexes.

The new smile, tailored to the patient’s face, is in perfect harmony with the face, lip line and even the patient’s personality.



Although beauty is immeasurable and everyone judges them subjectively, facial harmony can be measured and described in strict proportions. Each face is different and requires tailor-made teeth – simply, indiviDUAL.


A smile perfectly suited to the face adds naturalness, beauty and character. Just like in nature, there are golden proportions in aesthetic dentistry that build harmony, and it is perceived as attractive. Doctors of Dual Dental Clinic help in planning a new smile thanks to the visual Bellus 3D program and Digital Smile Design (DSD) created on the basis of a photo session of the face and recordings of the patient during a natural conversation and smiling. You can try on a new test smile, compare it with expectations and plan every detail with your doctor and technician. This standard of work allows you to change the expected effects of metamorphosis before the start of treatment.







Veneers at Dual Dental Clinic are small works of art.

The beauty of the veneers bearing Dual Dental Clinic logo is a unique combination of technology and manual work that cannot be replaced by any machine or ready standard. In the hands of an excellent dentist-technician team, each veneer is a perfectly planned unique work of art. Every detail is taken into account to meet the expectations of the most demanding and sensitive to beauty patients.


“The unique natural style of DUAL veneers is perfectly planned by our doctors and perfectly created in porcelain by our ceramists.”


The traditional method of work in most offices focuses on creating perfectly even, white teeth.

However, each face is different, more or less symmetrical. Even teeth from the ruler make the face appear even more asymmetrical, and the perfect glassy structure of CAD / CAM teeth further emphasizes the artificiality of the restorations. DUAL Dental Clinic creates teeth adapted to the face of each patient. In each work, the talent of ceramists is put, their sensitivity to beauty, creativity and the ability to match the perfect smile with the individual features of each face in following the mapping of nature. Each tooth introduces morphological features that occur in the teeth in nature and they are responsible for the perception of the beauty of a smile by the human eye. This technique of working with porcelain called handmade multilayering, proves the highest skills of complexion and is offered only in the best clinics in the world.





Handmade is an irreplaceable element of getting a truly individual smile, perfectly tailored to the patient’s face, simply – made to measure.

IndiviDUAL porcelain veneers

(technique of manual layering)

These are the original Dual Dental Clinic veneers. They distinguish the clinic with its naturalness and beauty. This is the most personalized product, hence marked #indiviDUAL, it is unique, 100% hand made. These are ultra-thin veneers made of the best-class scaled porcelain with deep colors, transparency, opalescence, and tooth-specific features, which cannot be used in monolithic works that are cut from ready-made blocks in CAD/CAM. The product is intended for the most demanding and seeking higher cosmetic results patients. They require enormous effort and masterful skills of the ceramist. Such veneers do not reveal any dental interference, they look like beautiful, natural teeth and this type of veneers are worn, for example, by move stars whose smiles we are not able to assess whether they are naturally this beautiful or whether they are a work of aesthetic dentist.


This traditional technique of performing veneers, although the most noble, due to the enormous effort and costs of ceramic work, is repressed at most clinics in favor of faster CAD/CAM works, which, however, are not able to get close to nature.

The methodology for performing this veneers is available only in the best clinics in the world, ceramists who work in this technique are extremely well known and extremely valuable in current CAD/CAM times.

Making IndiviDUAL veneers involves preparing a digital virtual patient, smile design Wax up, Mock up, personalized and unlimited work with a dentist and ceramist, refining every small detail.

Commonly available veneers milled in CAD/CAM, so called “Teeth in one day” are made of one monoblock, and when fired, it is usually only from two powders of porcelain. They are not able to be special, the smile is artificial, “plastic”. Discerning patients have clear expectations: the desire for a natural effect, without visible dental intervention. IndiviDUAL veneers are created by DUAL Lab technicians from over 20 different porcelain powders in thousands of different dyes, types of opalescence, transparency. In the hands of talented ceramists spectacular natural effects are achieved.

It is a highly individualized product for the most demanding patients.




E.max porcelain veneers + handmade technique

At Dual Dental Clinic, veneers on the e.max foundation are a combination of CAD/CAM technology and artistic handmade work. They are used in cases of teeth that do not require the thinnest layer of porcelain. The end result is as natural as in the case of veneers on refractory mass. They differ from their use as a base: here an e.max porcelain foundation is used. In the process of creating such veneers theya are also covered with layers of porcelain to give them a beautiful natural look.


The choice of material from which the veneers will be made depends on the individual conditions of the patient and is always discussed in detail with the doctor.