Frequently asked questions from our patients interested in making veneers:

  • Many clinics offer their own clinical laboratories. How is the DUAL Lab different from them?

    “Small onsite laboratories performing fast one-day reconstruction, and our laboratory with the entire CAD/CAM machine park and 3D printing shares a similar difference as there is between a small diagnostic medical point and a central clinical laboratory. Our laboratory is one of the best technologically equipped laboratories in Poland, thanks to which we carry out all our work onsite, from singular crowns to the most complex full-arch works.”


  • Who does work in the Dual Lab dental laboratory?

    All dental restorations at Dual Lab is the work of onsite team of technicians led by a tech. dent. Krzysztof Antoszewski – a ceramist with over 12 years of experience. The team performs work not only for patients of the DUAL Dental Clinic but also for other, extremely demanding dentists from all over Poland.

  • What makes the DUAL Lab different?

    “Our laboratory is an amazing workshop. Although boutique and limited to a small team of technicians, it is equipped with a powerful machine park that is similar to milling centers. Based on our experience, this combination is best for patients. It brings to mind luxury products that are beautiful in their form and behind which there is an extraordinary technology and craftsmanship. A team of technicians is a group of people with many years of experience, extensive technical knowledge and a talent for working with ceramics. ”



  • Is it possible to make crowns in one day at Dual Dental Clinic?

    “Of course YES: the equipment we have is currently the best equipment in the world and it can do the work even in an hour. However, we are not in favor of such work – nowadays the world is moving away from express dental restorations to luxury ones – that are carefully developed in ceramics, natural. And these take time. ”


  • What is the secret to the natural appearance of veneers made at DUAL Dental clinic?

    “Our veneers, both ultra-thin non-prep and those on the e.max foundation, are made by the technique of manual, layered application of ceramics, so-called multilayering technique with the help of digital technology. It is a real handicraft over which technicians spend hours and hours for many days. This is not a product straight from the CAD/CAM milling unit so called „full contour” or “digital crowns”. The process of their creation is very complex, requiring a sense of aesthetics, elegance and delicacy. It can be safely said that they are made with watchmaking precision: technicians mix ceramic powders of different colors, opalescence and transparencies to produce crowns and veneers, which they build in at different levels of tooth formation. There are thousands of powder configurations and that is why only an experienced cermist can create a natural-looking veneer. ”


  • What is the difference between digital CAD/CAM veneers and those made at DUAL Dental Clinic?

    “The easiest way to explain this is by using an analogy to a sculpture: one cut out of a monolithic block, and the other built layer by layer of different colors. The final effect of the first one is flat, artificial. The second one, however, has life and natural look to it. The naturalness lies in the transparency, structure, including how the tooth reflects light, how it breaks down on it. All built-in effects from ceramic powders give life to our veneers, which monolithic CAD/CAM veneers can not achieve. “

In the HANDMADE trend
“Dual Dental Clinic fills a niche in prosthetics: it has replaced” express “works with luxurious ones – ones that will delight with beauty and durability throughout their lives.”

Having onsite clinical dental laboratory is the highest standard of dental service in the world. DUAL Dental Clinic provides patients with an advanced technological facility in the form of its own laboratory, which for years, as an independent laboratory, has created smiles for the best clinics in Poland. The laboratory is equipped with the most advanced technology and a team of a great experience and talent. The team of technicians has been highly selected by the main ceramist of DUAL Lab – Krzysztof Antoszewski, and consists of an extremely talented people.

The DUAL Dental Clinic provides excellent dentist-technician-patient communication, offering unprecedented comfort to patients.

„Patient time is valuable. Having full control over the entire restoration process ensures the success of the treatment.”

Perfection is our primary goal. Having our own dental laboratory gives us a tool to achieve it: we create each prosthetic restoration ourselves with the certainty that nothing will surprise us.


Having the whole process under control, we know what materials were used and what technology was used to perform each dental restoration. It is thanks to this that we can certainly take full responsibility for every crown we make.

“We do not accept shortcuts, for us each supplement is a small work of art.”

Every smile reconstruction in Dual Lab is full of dedication: diligence, craftsmanship and a precision that accompanies all stages of production. Laboratory takes care for the highest quality of restorations at every step from the very beginning, even when the patient is still lying on the chair and his teeth are scanned – the accuracy of the scans is already assessed live.

Each subsequent stage of work is a combination of a tremendous team experience and the work of precise machines and computer programs. All work is performed in articulators and using a facial bow – restorations are fully controlled.


The materials used at every stage of production also have a great impact on the durability and beauty of the filnal restorations. There is one rule: from the first step until the final one, each material must be a representative of the highest quality in its class.

In the HANDMADE trend:


“Dual Dental Clinic fills a niche in prosthetics: it has replaced “express restirations” with luxury ones – ones that will delight with beauty and durability throughout the patient life.”


The DUAL Lab is run by the distinguished dental technician Krzysztof Antoszewski. He works with the best dentists in Poland, creating smiles for patients requiring the highest aesthetics and reconstructing the most difficult implant prosthetic cases.



Dual Lab Ceramists uniquely combine the latest digital technology with a classic handmade approach. The artistic performance of dental restorations is one of the most sought after and valued dental services, and it is offered only by the best dentists in the world. Dual Dental Clinic perfectly combines the goods of modern technologies with handicrafts of real artists – technology is only a tool to help, not a substitute for manual work.