Aesthetic dentistry

Veneers are the flagship product of Dual Dental clinic.


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IndiviDUAL veneers

Digital smile design, DSD, Bellus, Wax-up, Mock-up


Aesthetic dentistry requires an individual approach to each smile, it is a joint work of a dentist and ceramist, their joint vision for a subjective feeling of beauty. DUAL Dental Clinic also uses digital design programs and proprietary protocol for treatment planning.

This approach builds a beautiful smile line and harmony with the face.

Work on wax-up is necessary to translate a shared vision into a real project of a new smile that can be tried on and perfected in the patient’s mouth. It gives the opportunity to visualize the final effect before starting treatment. For the patient, it’s great comfort and confidence that the vision for their new smile is consistent. At DUAL Dental Clinic never artificiality but always naturalness in the style of prosthetic reconstruction is proposed.

“Our veneers beautify and brighten the face, add confidence”.




This treatment involves improving the smile through the use of composite resins, takes place during one visit. It allows to level or completely remove aesthetic defects of the teeth without having to prepare them under veneers or crowns. It is a quick and more economical solution for patients. Dual Dental clinic uses state-of-the-art bonding materials, much more resistant to color from food and abrasion, which makes the effect last much longer.



Teeth whitening

Dual Dental Clinic offers two methods of teeth whitening:


Whitening trays method involving the implementation of individual trays in the laboratory. The method is extremely convenient, patients themselves control the level of teeth whitening by independently using gel trays at home. The great advantage of this method is that you can repeat the procedure without having to visit a dental office again simply by putting on gel whenever you feel the need.


Whitening with the use of light as an gel activator. This method allows maximum reduction of the time of the procedure and make it possible to achieve the effects of whiter teeth after one session in the office. At Dual Dental Clinic, whitening is performed by a trained team using the safest lamp on the market and excellent quality gel. This is of great importance for the protection of gums, the patient’s sense of comfort after procedure and lack of hypersensitivity.

Gummy smile correction

Golden smile proportions, that are known in cosmetic dentistry, precisely determine the percentage of gums visible in a wide smile. Excessively visible gums can cause discomfort in natural smile, even though you have beautiful and healthy teeth. Thanks to the use of appropriate surgical instruments and/or botox at Dual Dental Clinic, correction of gingival smile is a safe procedure that gives a very natural gum line. In addition, when planning veneers, Dual Dental dentists always pay attention to the possibility of correcting the patient’s gums. This is necessary to get the maximum potential out of the veneer procedure.